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Artists have been intrigued by the nature of the perception, and by optical effects and illusions, for many centuries. In Crunchbuntu [crunch as in crunching chips] the screen is interlaced in such a way that the interface is only clearly visible while eating crunchy food; i. e. your skull must be vibrating in order to see the image. The interaction between this operating system and its user fulfills itself; a desktop experience that not only entails a physical effect in the form of flickering light but affects the entire consciousness.

Crunchbuntu plays with the viewers sensory premises and makes us see things through the active involvement of the user and thus provides a critique of consciousness. The perception of this distribution is highly experimental and varies from person to person as well as it depends on the food you eat (we’ve reached pretty good results with cashew and other types of nuts). This effect can also be achieved by shaking your head in the right critical fusion frequency or by using an electrical toothbrush.

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