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Are you a procrastinator? Procrastinationbuntu can do the job of procrastinating even better – it can open web browser for you, automatically switch pages, click random links, remind you to check new posts on social networks, write some comments, answer old emails, make a coffee or tea and much more.

For moments when you feel like doing nothing, Procrastinationbuntu can help you archive it to the fullest potential. All useless and unnecessary things that one can do behind a computer are completely automated! You might even explore something new on Wikipedia or get in contact with a random person Рall without having to move a finger.

In some households, a computer running Procrastinationbuntu can even replace a TV!
No need to spend money on expensive cable or be confronted with the choice of TV channels. Just run this system and watch your world unfold (and important tasks will fail … tomorrow)!

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