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Rotterdambuntu is a homage to the city we’ve spent an immersive period of time in conceptualising and reflecting on the success of Ubuntu as an Operating System. Upon arrival we were still emotionally connected to Gentoo but we were quickly seduced by the ease of maintaining one’s computer system using Ubuntu on an everyday basis. In the past years we’ve seen the uprising of Feisty Fawn, the comfort of Gutsy and we were more than excited to welcome the release of Karmic Koala. Recent events made us move away from Rotterdam and leave the Ubuntu platform.

However, with Rotterdambuntu we made an effort to squeeze the best parts of this city into a solid desktop system. Users can visually experience rain drops all over the screen and listen to a fine selection of Gabber tunes while being monitored by an all-watching system icon that represents the strict law & order policy of Rotterdam. The system automatically shuts down after 6pm and is not usable before 8am the next morning preventing users from writing drunken mails or browsing offensive content outside of office hours.  The GTK-theme is adapted to the city’s (Gemeente Rotterdam) corporate design.

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